Circulation Policy

The checkout policy for materials at the Richton Park Public Library is as follows: 

Books / Magazines / Non-Fiction DVD's

21 days

CD's & Cassettes

21 days

DVD's (excluding Non-Fiction)

14 days


Renewal of materials may be made either in person, online or by phone to the Richton Park Public Library. Patrons may try to renew their items online, but if there are any holds the renewal will not be granted. Also, videos and DVD's may not be renewed. If there is a hold on any material a renewal will not be granted to the patron.

Fees & Fines

Fines are not charged for days the library is closed and fines will not exceed the price of the item.

Fines are as follows:

Late Fines

Books, Magazines, Audio books, CD's, Non-Fiction DVD's
$0.15 per day per item

Interlibrary Loan

As determined by the lending library

$2.00 per day per item 

Library Cards

Replacement Card
Replacement name label
Damaged Items
Torn Pocket, cracked CD case, damaged audio case
Replacement DVD/Video/Audio Book Case
Paper Insert DVD/Video/Audio
Check-Out Pouch
Bar Code
Lost Material
For an item that is lost or destroyed, the charge is the current list price plus a $5.00 processing fee.  patrons may not substitute a store bought item for a lost or damaged item.


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