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Meeting Room A (35 People) Meeting Room B (50 People) Study Rooms (4 to 5 People)*

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 Meeting Room Application & Complete Fees | Meeting Room Policy | Study Room Policy


Except for the library or library related groups, the meeting room may not be reserved for social gatherings
such as receptions, showers, birthday parties, dances, etc., nor for fundraising or money-making purposes
such as bake sales or presentations of products or services. Non-Library sponsored groups may not charge
admission nor solicit or require donations for attendance at the meetings, nor can they collect dues on
premises. No product or services may be solicited or sold.

- Complete List of Prohibted Meeting Use (Section G) Can Be Found Above in the Meeting Room Policy -

For social gatherings, please contact the
Richton Park Community Center at 708-753-8800

Meeting Room Schedules:

Monday thru Friday: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Saturday: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Sunday: Closed 

*Study Rooms are First Come, First Serve.  NO Reservations

Study Room 1: 5 People; Study Rooms 2-5: 4 People



The Richton Park Public Library offers provisional Notary services to the public.



Hours of Availability

Notary Services are provided during the following business hours:

Monday thru Friday10:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Saturdays: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM


Important Availability Notice:

Please call ahead for availability at 708-481-5333. 

General notary service of signature acknowledgment is offered at the library with a valid photo ID.

Please DO NOT sign your name on any of the documents as we have to witness your signature.  

If you do sign your name before we witness your signature, you'll have to reprint out your documents.

Documents NOT eligible for Notary at this location

Under specific circumstances, staff reserve the right to refuse notary service of certain documents (such as real estate & tax forms). To be sure, please call ahead.

Documents may include, but are not limited to:

- Real Estate related documents, including Apartment leases, mortgages & evictions

- Medical authorizations

- Tax related documents


Library staff are not legal counsel and do not read documents or offer advice.


 $ 1.00 per stamped page (Cash only)



Display Case

Do you have an interesting collection or display that you 

would like the library to sponsor to be shared with the community? 

display case


If so, please complete the application below and return it to the Circulation Desk.

Display Case Form 

We will call you upon approval.

How Do I?

Click For ---> Copies, Faxes, Prints & Scanning | Fax From Your ComputerInternet Usage | Notary | Proctoring

Get a Library Card

To obtain a Richton Park Public Library District library card, residents must provide proof of residency.  The library staff will accept a valid State of Illinois driver's license or other official governmental photo I.D. as proof of residency.  However, if the above is not valid the patron must provide a photo I.D. plus one of the following:

1.  A current utility bill (gas, electric, cable, phone, cell phone, water bill from the Village of Richton Park)

2.  Voter's registration card

3.  Mortage statement (no leases)

For residents of unincorporated Richton Park there is a charge of $140.00 per family for a Richton Park Public Library District library card.

If the patron has had a library card with another institution then all fines and fees must be cleared from any adult or dependent child's card before the Richton Park Public Library District will issue a new card.

Request an Item 

Search for the item in the SWAN catalog.

Click on the "request" link for the selection menu or the red "Request" button in the actual record.

Enter your name, the barcode from your library card and your password.

 Please make sure that your email address in your profile.  An email notice will be generated as soon as the item is either placed on hold for you in the library or arrives at the Richton Park Public Library District from another library. 

Note: past due fines are assessed by the policies of the generating library.

 It is that easy.  Please do not forget that you can also suggest items to be included in our collection.  See the front desk for more details.

Donate Books

We do not accept books more than 10 years old especially encyclopedia sets.  We also reserve the right to refuse donations if there isn't any room in storage.  There is no guarantee materials will be added to the collection.  The designated librarian will determine if items will be added to the collection.  Materials in poor condition will be recycled and any other materials in good condition that the library does't add to the collection will be sold in the Friends of the Library Booksale.

Please, no donations in the book or media drops.  Donations will only be accept during operational hours and no staff assistance will be available unloading vehicles and/or bringing them inside the library.

If you would like a donation letter for tax purposes, you must bring those items directly into the library, you will be helped at the circulation desk.


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